Attention gym nerds! We know you love to work out and care about your own body shape. Yet, you can’t help but to skip leg day every other week, and just can’t say no to a bubble tea at the end of a day? Today is your lucky day, we have launched the “Hi Protein, Fit Yo Best” campaign with the FITting Room Fitness Studio. Yogurt lovers can now choose Protein Powder as a topping for any drinks in Hi Yogurt stores. What is possibly better than a delicious yogurt shake that is high in protein, calcium, vitamins and probiotics, with the benefits for protecting your bones and teeth, that also helps digestive problems? You can also enjoy a free trial lesson at the FITting Room Fitness Studio with any proof of purchase from Hi Yogurt from Nov 16, 2022. Get fit and stay happy!

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Located in Markham, FITting Room Fitness Studio is a boutique style premium 1-1 personal training fitness center with customized & science based nuitrition plans available
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